Bevcon dust extraction system is an air quality improvement system used in industrial, commercial and production areas to improve breathable air quality and safety by removing particulate matter from the air and environment. Dust collection systems work on the basic formula of collection, separation and filtration.

Bevcon Dust Extraction Systems are one of the most efficient and cost effective types of dust collectors. Dust Extraction System design to provide very compact as 20 times the filtration area compared to conventional filters system. Bevcon Wayors uses high quality sealing techniques to ensure no leakages of dust particles and collection efficiency of more than 99% of very fine particles.


  • Compact in the overall size
  • Availability of various types of models (circular, Rectangular & compact size filters)
  • Process / Nuisance dust collection
  • Custom design


  • All types of fuel handling systems
  • Power plants
  • Cement, Concrete and Aggregates
  • Foundries
  • Mineral processing
  • Industrial Processing
  • Carbon Black
  • Fumes
  • Powder Paint
  • Minerals and Mining
  • Plastics
  • Paper Products
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Wood Products and Woodworking
  • Recycling
  • Chemicals Industry
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Light and Heavy Manufacturing