Feeder breaker is a conveying system which incorporates combination of scrapper chain conveyor and a pick type breaker to reduce the size of the material.

Thus a feeder breaker forms a single piece of equipment with the above mentioned combination and installed at the location. Feeder breakers are a type of surface mine crushers and used to crush Run of mine ore. It is also used as in pit crusher at mine areas. Material is fed into a feed hopper directly from Mine dumpers. The chain conveyor conveys the lumps of material through the breaker which sizes the material by the force of sharp pointed picks striking down to the material. Thus the reduced material through the pick breaker is accurately sized and conveyed further.


  • Trouble free design
  • Able to crush large to very large lump sizes
  • Hydraulic systems usage to avoid shock loads
  • Rugged designed and manufactured to withstand any mining environment
  • Superior service life of picks
  • Coal