Sandwich Belt Conveyors are so named due to the manner in which the material is ‘Sandwiched’ between two rubber belts before it is inclined at angles up to 90 degrees. Material is ‘hugged’ by the belts throughout the inclined section to ensure that it does not slide back down the incline, even if the conveyor trips.

A Sandwich Belt Conveyor consists of two endless belt conveyors that share a common load carrying path. The top and bottom belts are independently driven and tensioned. Along the carrying path the top and bottom belts are alternately supported against closely spaced troughing idlers. Radial pressure, due to belt tension and the curving profile, continuously hugs the material that is Sandwich between the two belts. Internal friction is developed and bulk material can be conveyed at any high angle up to the Vertical.


  • A system suitable for the most rugged mine applications, yet gentle on sensitive and friable materials
  • Best suitable for high Conveying Capacity (TPH) with greater vertical lifts.
  • Modular type design to accommodate extended lengths.
  • A system suitable for the crushed ore (preferably < 200 mm) in mining applications, also gentle on sensitive and friable materials.
  • No Belt sway.
  • Reliable & low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Smooth surfaced belts allow continuous belt cleaning by scrappers and plows. This also facilitates intermediate material discharge by belt plows, as required, before and/or beyond the sandwiched part of the snake profile conveyor.
  • All components are as same as conventional conveyor ensures economy and fast delivery of replacement parts.
  • Raw Coal
  • Clean Coal
  • Oversize Coal
  • ROM Coal
  • Sized Coal
  • Gold Ore
  • Wood chips
  • Wet Bottom Ash
  • Limestone
  • Copper Ore
  • Excavated Earth
  • Municipal Sludge
  • Sewage Sludge
  • Refuse
  • Gypsum, Slag
  • Mixed & Un-Mixed Compost
  • Various Grains

Dos Santos Internatioonal - USASandwich Snake Belt Conveyors of Bevcon Wayors offer the potential to convey bulk materials at angles up to 90 degrees to the horizontal. Our Sandwich Snake Belt Conveyors developed in collaboration with Dos Santos International – USA offer a considerable throughput even in complex environment and space conditions.