Bevcon Tripper conveyors are used to discharge bulk material from the belt conveyor. Tripper conveyors can be stationary or movable. Stationary trippers are used when the discharge needs to occur in at the same place. Movable tripper conveyors are most appropriately used to load large stockpiles or bunkers to spread the material over a larger area. Even Tripper Conveyor is designed to load individual bins by moving over the top of bins.



  • For system rigidity heavy duty structural frames and supports are designed
  • To eliminate spillage at Discharge Transition, heavy duty Inlet skirting provided
  • To Reduce wear & tear and Increase Life, Abrasion resistant belting used
  • To Increase Idler life and reduce Horsepower, Heavy duty Idlers with anti-friction bearings are used

Movable trippers have a frame mounted on flanged wheels, which engage rails parallel to the belt conveyor. Designed with one or two sided chute, so that conveyor can discharge material at one or both sides. Tipper cars are driven by an electric drive. Tripper conveyors can build and maintain large volume stockpiles by discharging material on either side of conveyor and create custom heights, lengths and locations of stockpiles.