Banana screens are widely used in mineral processing industries and other industries because of its high efficiency and large capacities. The basic working principle is that the screen surface is partitioned according to the requirement of separation. At the feed end zone, the screening media is deep in slope due to which larger throw and high rate of material flow are achieved due to which the material layers thin and segregate quickly.

At the middle section, the slope is reduced further to maintain normal throw and high material flow rate are applied to prompt segregated materials to penetrate through the screen aperture and segregate instantly.


  • Body plates without welding and grip lock or huck-bolted assembly. Very safe regarding fatigue stress
  • High throughput for a given screening area
  • Maintenance free and life lubricated unbalance motors
  • Abrasion resistant liners on feed, discharge ends and inner side plates
  • Coal, Pet coke
  • Iron Ore fines
  • Bauxite fines
  • Gypsum, Sand
  • Quartzite
  • Feldspar
  • Crushed limestone