Bevcon Drag Chain Conveyors, in short also known as DCC are ideally used for continuous removal and transport of large capacities of abrasive material through enclosed smaller cross sections / trough. DCC is used for applications where conveying distances are relative short and space requirements are limited.

Single or multiple chain strand enclosed trough conveyor system is continuously driven through a motor and geared reducer to ensure power consumption is low for each application. The Drag Chain Conveyors are completely enclosed for dust free operation. These can also supplement any conveying needs with a complete line of material handling equipments. Bevcon Wayors uses a pressure tight robust system design with the principle of slow moving chain to achieve minimal product degradation and wear & tear.



  • Can handle a wide range of materials including large and sticky
  • Enclosed type conveyor system ideally suited for horizontally or inclined applications by eliminating total dust for polluting environment
  • Suitable for high capacity and abrasive applications
  • Sprockets, Chain and horizontal flights are driven by geared motor to move material
  • Hardened steel components for long life
  • Minimum headroom required for installation
  • Robust  and modular construction ensures easy maintenance
  • Abrasive materials over short distances including mill rejects, ash from boiler, economizer, gas air heater, cyclone and electrostatic precipitator or fabric filter.