The Indian food industry is poised for huge growth, increasing its contribution to world food trade every year. In India, the food sector has emerged as a high-growth and high-profit sector due to its immense potential for value addition, particularly within the food processing industry.

Bevcon Wayors specialises in providing various generation material handling equipments for wide range of applications for the Food industries which include new generation conveying equipments like steep angle cleated belt conveyors, air supported belt conveyor, sandwich type high angle conveyor, cost effective pollution-free pneumatic conveying system, special flip-flow screens for high moisture materiel screening applications, high efficient sugar grader, fines screening end rushing equipments, stockyard equipments like radial & liner stackers & reclaimers etc., which will cater the needs across material handling applications like raw material handling systems for cement, steel plants, fuel handling systems for coal and biomass based plants, in-plant material handling systems, term alloy plants, sugar, lime coke handling systems etc.

Cogeneration Plant 100TPH Boiler – Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System

SYSTEM Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System for handling Husk Ash
CLIENT Best Foods