Bevcon reciprocating feeder is mainly used for feeding various non-sticky materials. The reciprocating feeder can send massive and granular materials from feed bin to receiving device evenly and continuously.

The reciprocating feeder has been widely used in the crushing and screening line of the industries of thermal power plants, beneficiation, sponge iron, cement and chemical industries etc.



  • Feeding amount can be conveniently adjusted at any time
  • Simple structure and reliable performance
  • Simple operation, hassle free service life and sturdy construction
  • Matching power and operating cost are both low
  • Designed with no quick-wearing parts makes equipment maintenance quite convenient
  • Occupies little space and requires just 1/5th of the investment of medium plate mill
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Coal mines
  • Mining Industry
  • cement industry
  • Food industry
  • Sponge Iron Industry
  • Glass Industry

In Reciprocating Feeders bottom pan which is at 5 degree inclined angle gets dragged to and fro by means of a drive, resulting in a linear and reciprocal movement on the idlers through flexible coupling, reducer and crank connecting rod. Material drops continuously on the conveying equipment or in other screening equipment. This machine can be designed as reciprocal feeder with hopper and without hopper based on application.