Pressure granulation most often uses ring granulators. To ensure a proper course of pressure in granulation process, it is important that material is forced through holes which are set in a particular matrix. An adjustable cage consisting of set of holes is arranged in the crushing chamber.

Bevcon ring granulators crush the material by the combination of impact and rolling compression. Product size is determined by the openings incorporated in the cage.The cage is so adjusted by changing the clearance between the cage and the path of grinding. Bevcon granulators are also provided with a tramp iron pockets (most of the times provided with magnets) to remove the un crushed foreign materials.


  • Machine designed exclusively for open circuit systems. Doesn’t call any recycle crushing
  • Access doors for easy maintenance and removal of tramp iron
  • Easy material size adjustment
  • Relatively low maintenance due to its working in both directions
  • Accurate and sized product output
  • Suitable for dry and low moisture application
  • Moderate crushing ratios up to 15:1
  • Coal
  • Pet coke
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Limestone