The central function of stockyards in the field of bulk materials handling lies in the buffering, blending and storage between incoming and outgoing materials. The stockyards for mines, power plants, beneficiation plants, ports and terminals are developed in a circular or longitudinal layout incorporating feed conveyors, stackers and reclaimers. A stacker is a large machine used in stockyard system. Its function is to pile bulk material such as coal, limestone, ores and etc. on to a stockpile.

Linear / Longitudinal Stacker
Stackers are nominally rated for capacity in tones per hour (tph). They normally travel on a rail between stockpiles in the stockyard. A stacker can usually move in at least two directions:



  • System Design.
  • Drive Location and Selection.
  • Take-up Performance Requirement.
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis.
  • Control System Definition.
  • Component load specification.
  • Part Powering Capacity calculations.

fmk-polandBevcon Wayors, in collaboration with Financing, Marketing & Know-How Ltd. (FMK) – Poland, designs rugged and operator-friendly stackers and reclaimers. They achieve the functional requirements such as throughput, mobility and automation and operational requirements like luffing or slewing operations etc.